Polka Your Eyes Out.

2009-11-29 00:31:22 by BigMrPineapple

To mark the significance of the holidays and, more importantly, the ending of my shitty animation streak, I am starting work on a new animation for 'Polka Your Eyes Out' by Weird Al Yankovic. Since I have two months and a bit to work on this full-time, then weekends and long-weekends after that, this animation should be a good direction toward lifting my image on Newgrounds. I believe it was Eminem that stated 'That's why they call me Slim Shady, I'm back, I'm back'. Well in this sense I'm Slim Shady.

New animation

2009-06-05 09:31:23 by BigMrPineapple

I actually tried to do this one, and it went well. I think stickman cartoon lovers will be impressed. Anyone else will be impressed.

It's my birthday!

2009-04-27 04:45:45 by BigMrPineapple

Woohoo! I'm 14! Wish me luck in the next year of my life, people! Thanks!

IMMA FIRIN' MAH LAZERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!! CHECK OUT THE NEW ANIMATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


New animation

2009-04-03 02:12:03 by BigMrPineapple

I have a new animation. I made it for a forum I use, and I think I did pretty well. Check it out, it's called EcSTATIC.


2009-04-01 02:11:17 by BigMrPineapple

As some of you may have noticed, you can only have one icon for your music posts, you cant vote on reveiws, and other things like that, because of this china thing. but....

IT'S AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2009-04-01 02:04:41 by BigMrPineapple

I was trying to post a comment when I got this:


Please Observe This Message from the Ministry of Communication.

Your personal information, associates, and past activities are currently under review by the State Council Information Office.

You will be able to post in Communication Forums once you have been cleared. Until that time, please submit all comments to user pages.

Also, please note what others are saying about approved activities and non-inciting discussion.


So, uh, WTF?

My animations

2009-02-27 07:47:28 by BigMrPineapple

...are crap, as most of you know. I have Adobe Flash 10 CS4 with AS 3 but for some reason my latest flash doesn't work with internet explorer. If you ask me, my computer is a retard, but anyway, I promise I will practice to make my flashes better!


2008-12-27 10:48:00 by BigMrPineapple

I wanted MrPineapple for my username but someone already took it. Anyway, i made a crapppoopppy banner with paint, I WILL FIX IT